Our Facilities

Tiny Paws is located on one acre in East Tennessee. The 1940's farmhouse has been customized to fit the needs of the animals.
A patio was enclosed and leads to the play yard. The enclosed patio is heated and cooled as needed and is equipped a washable double layered bunk area. A second play yard has been added. 
A heated cat building provides shelter for the indoor/out door cats as well as stray and feral cats. Dog houses dot the property provides extra shelter to any animal in need. The building also serves as pet food storage. Indoors, one will find numerous cat beds and feeding stations. The cats can enter the home through a cat door any time they like.
The younger pack have their own room complete with several choices of beds and blankets. The senior and handicapped dogs spend their time in Jamie's bedroom and kitchen area so they can be monitored throughout the day. Washable potty pads are used for the incontinent dogs. Several windows and a basket full of toys give them plenty to occupy their indoor time.
A chicken yard accommodates 7 hens. The hens are considered pets and will live their natural life at the sanctuary.
While our sanctuary and facilities have aged and have been transformed to meet our present needs, below, you will find pictures of the facility as it was in the beginning.
The Farm House
Leading to the Play Area
The Play Area & Storage Building
Enclosed Patio
Cat Building & Food Storage
Heated Cat Room
The Dog's Bedroom
The Cat's Play Yard
Chicken Coop
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