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In this revised and updated edition of Secrets of a Vet Tech, JC Farris brings you concise and pertinent information every pet parent needs. Farris breaks down the medical aspects of pet care in simple to understand language to empower all readers to make informed decisions. She trains pet parents how to know what is normal for their pet, so they can recognize when something is wrong and take action. This edition also discusses the language of animals and how proper interpretation of body language can bring pets and their parents closer together. And as always, Farris teaches an approach that saves money while still offering quality care to pets.


From the author who brought you the cost-saving methods in Secrets of a Vet Tech, comes a resource no pet parent or animal rescue should be without. Learn the art of proactive pet parenting that can, not only help you save money, but improve the quality and longevity of your pet's life. Locked within its 52 chapters, you will find well-researched revelations concerning pet nutrition, vaccinations, heartworms, animal behavior, and more. Acquire the knowledge and confidence to respond to emergencies and recognize illness. The research is done for you in concise and informative charts. Compare the cost of popular flea and heartworm preventatives or study about the use of over the counter and prescription medication. Learn how to chose a quality veterinarian and how to work together with the veterinary staff to create a health-care team for your pet. Master the steps of the Pet Exam Train (PET), a common sense, at-home exam, that teaches you what is normal for your pet so you can quickly recognize the abnormal. Not limited to dogs and cats, this reference discusses the care of exotics, including proper habitat and illnesses. Secrets of a Vet Tech II offers animal shelters and rescues new ideas and resources to better utilize donations, and by doing so, save more animals. This easy to use reference is written with frankness and clarity that teaches that, even in the toughest times, the interest of the pet is still obtainable. JC Farris, a former animal cruelty investigator and vet tech, operates Tiny Paws Sanctuary for Special Needs Animals (formally T.Paws Rescue & ARFanage), an assisted living facility for senior pets, and a forever home for pets damaged by abuse. 

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In this first edition, JC Farris shares her journey of how she financed pet care on a poverty budget. A vet tech caring for 25 of her own rescue animals, she chronicles her methods, that were sometimes unconventional, but necessary. Although the second edition surpasses the information in the first, this is still an excellent story and reference. Included in this edition is how Farris supplies heart worm, intestinal parasite, and external parasite control monthly to her pack for only a few dollars per month. Look into her pet medicine chest and discover what products she buys, where she purchases them for less, and how she uses them. Learn how to finance veterinary care as well as ideas for pet financial assistance. Discover the one action that you can take that will save you more in veterinary costs than any other. Surprising truths about vaccines and pet food are revealed within the pages of this edition as well as common lab tests that you can do at home. Cost saving secrets to caring for your pet birds, small animals, pocket pets, and reptiles are also included. Learn the secrets to getting the most out of your vet visits and the importance of lab testing. Farris' background as a certified euthanasia technician will provide a unique perspective regarding euthanasia that may help make the decision to euthanize a little easier

 Grace Ann Mercy is a tomboy who lives in the countryside of Whisper Creek. She loves to play in the creek, explore the forest behind her house, and ride her dirt bike. But Grace Ann is lonely. Momma Mercy tells her to ask God for a friend, and God answers in a way she never imagined. Join Grace Ann and her best friend as they discover surprises in the forest, go on magical journeys, and meet unforgettable characters. You'll be left with a delighted spirit, a warm heart, and the faith that the sacred can be found everywhere.

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