While we have had to postpone opening our monthly food bank as planned, we are offering a 2 week supply of pet food for families affected by the pandemic. Contact us to see if you qualify. You can apply more than once if help is still needed.

In 2012, and again, in 2015, our director authored Secrets of a Vet Tech edition 1 and 2, seeking to give low income pet parents the tools needed to better care for their pets on a tight budget.

The elderly, disabled, and homeless often credit their pets with their ability to keep living when times are hard. Without low-income folks, our shelters would be overflowing even more than they already are. Our goal is to help them stay together. No pet should be euthanized because their pet parents can no longer afford to feed them. It is our goal to keep them together and improve the quality of life for both.


Tiny Paws Sanctuary is taking our passion for helping the economically challenged pet parents a step further creating Tiny Paws Take Out Pet Food Bank.


To qualify, you must make at, or below 125% of the federal poverty level.

1 person $15,950 per year

2 people $21,550 per year
3 people $27,150 per year
4 people $32,750 per year

In order to participate in the food bank program, the owner must have his/her pet(s) spayed/neutered. If the pet is not altered, the pet parent is given 3 months to do so. In some cases, we may be able to help with the cost. If they fail to do so, unless there is a medical reason, the owner will be dropped from the program. Verification from the vet is required. Animals that are verified to be spayed/neutered, can be approved for up to 6 months.


The owner must also agree, that while part of the food bank program, he/she will not take in any additional pet (s), breed any pet(s), sell or give away any food, or use the food to feed stray animals, or feral cat colonies. The food is meant to assist a short term need and/or be a supplement to the food the owner is feeding.


All food is donated, and brand cannot be guaranteed. For that reason, participants agree to hold Tiny Paws Sanctuary/Tiny Paws Take Out harmless for any illness, allergy, or injury that may result from feeding this food.


Since Tiny Paws does depend on donations, distribution is dependent on receiving adequate, monthly donations. The owner must bring their eligibility card and bucket with them on distribution day to receive a refill of food.


The food will be distributed based on the weight of the animals in need

Cats                                      3 lbs per month

Small Dogs up to 15lbs     4 lbs per month

Medium Dogs 16-35 lbs    8 lbs per month

Large Dogs 36-50 lbs        15 lbs per month

Extra Large Dogs 50+       16 lbs per month

If you are interested in this program and feel you qualify, click the "contact" button and send us your information. You can also call us and leave a voice mail at 423.343.4077 and we will call you for an interview. You will need to bring your proof on residency and income on the first day.

Financial donations and donations of pet food can be dropped off or shipped to Tiny Paws Sanctuary, 109 Pine Street, Church Hill, TN 37642.



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